For most of her life, Barbora has been taking care of elderly people. She started with her grandmother, who was paralyzed by a stroke, and began taking care of her at the tender age of fifteen.

“I learned then how hard it is when one totally depends on the help of others and how grateful people in need are,” she often says, with a pleasant smile that never seems to leave her face.

She started Home Care Services to help fill the need for adult home care services in the East Bay.

Barbora and her team of dedicated workers serve people who need short or long term assistance while staying in their homes. Services range from simple chores such as cooking meals or doing a little house cleaning to 24/7 in-house care for disabled or acutely ill seniors.

“We have planned weddings, rode golf carts, and I even groomed a horse for a 4th of July parade. There is never a dull moment in our business.”

Barbora is very hard on herself and expects high work standards from all her workers just as she does from herself. She stresses team work, dedication and responsibility for a common goal, and expects her team members to step in for one another if needed. Her employees must strictly adhere to the company’s standards, must be professional, clean and trustworthy, and she must be able to personally guarantee their work.

Barbora brings a wealth of life experience to her home care services. She grew up in Europe (Czech Republic) and speaks three languages and has raised three children, mostly on her own. She has also been a teacher and instructor in a vocation school, and has extensive training in gastronomy, table setting, and catering.

Her ideal of teamwork comes from sports which played a big role in her life. She is an avid (and a very good) skier, worked as a ski instructor, follows many sports and is a big fan of basketball, tennis, track & field, soccer, and ice hockey (and now golf as well).

Barbora firmly believes in the healing power of positive thinking. “Always stay on a good side, fight with a smile, and don’t be afraid.”

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We are fully committed to improving the health, well-being and quality of life of our clients, 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hour hours a day.